Dating Websites, Part 2

For the record: I do not have a specific interest in dating websites. My interest lies in general discovery of how people are approaching marriage and long-term relationships. Nevertheless, dating websites are a fascinating study of human behavior and progress.

It makes sense that people using dating sites are serious about, or at least interested in, relationships. This assumption excludes “casual” dating sites, which have grown in number recently.  I realize that not everyone has a desire to get married. However, for the people focused on committed relationships, some are finding marriage through online connections.

I recently read an article that suggests online dating leads to more successful marriages. The article references a study that concludes that one-third of marriages in America begin online, and these unions are less likely to end compared to marriages formed offline.  I need to explore this trend further, but it’s a captivating idea.

How much influence do dating websites have on the success of marriages? And are there more people currently using these sites for committed relationships than there were 3 years ago?

More to come on this exploration of marriage and how people are utilizing tools to support their relationships.