Back in Business

It’s been a while since my last post…but I’m not confessing here. Life happens and it’s my job to keep up with my life.

Recently, I’ve been meeting with a local filmmaker to discuss a plan to move my documentary film project forward. Momentum for this project is building again and I’m excited about the possibilities.  Making a film certainly takes dedication, focus, and a vision. The idea of creating a clear vision for my documentary has been dominating my thoughts this past week. I admire any creative person who has a strong sense of vision and can articulate their vision with clarity and zeal.  Film and theater director Julie Taymor is one of these people. Taymor has an incredible gift—the ability to not only conceive a powerful vision for film and live theater, but to also generate, in my opinion, awe-inspired works of art.

When it comes to my artistic and creative inclinations, they have ebbed and flowed since I was young. I was highly creative as a child—via singing, dancing, acting— and then not as much as a teenager. My post-adolescent years were spent searching for an enriched sense of self; and as a result I found myself in a space with a deep desire to be creatively expressive, but I wasn’t cognizant of what that could look like. Now as more years have past, I find that my preference is to create from a place of authenticity and personal calling—not from a place influenced, necessarily, by trend or popularity.

My creative expression now reflects my personal vision for an ever-advancing civilization.  While humanity continues to struggle through its collective, cellular, past, I long to participate in and assist with its awakening—an awakening that leads ultimately to progress and maturity. My current film project is one, humble, effort in this direction. However, as my creative clarity develops, I anticipate finding new, original, personal projects that reflect my vision for progress. Meanwhile, I’m getting back to business with Searching for Marriage.